Bare PV Photovoltaic Wire Cable, 2000V, UL4703, UV Resistant

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This is black true 10AWG stranded copper wire used in Cutting Edge Power's solar extension wires. Rated for indoor or outdoor use, and UV sunlight resistant. This wire has only 19 strands, which adds to its rigidity. It's rated for a maximum voltage of 2000V. This wire ships from USA and is made in Mexico. It is very different and much higher quality than other imported cables that claim to be PV solar wire. XLPE insulation, temp rating - 40C to 90C.

Maximum current depends on the length and operating voltage. For recommendations on maximum current, we suggest using a voltage drop calculator with a constraint of 3% max voltage drop.

If you would like to use the following website, make sure to click the "estimated resistance" tab.

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