Trolling Motor Battery Box Power Center, 12V or 24V, with 60A Circuit Breaker

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This is the ultimate trolling motor battery box!

It includes a tough marine quality battery box. The battery is not included, but the box is designed to be used with any 12V DC battery. Wire additional batteries in parallel via the integrated post terminals.  Fits 24-31 sizes, but almost any size will fit. 

We highly recommend deep cycle batteries for trolling motor applications.


  • Assembled and quality checked in USA from foreign and domestic parts, Enclosure made in USA.
  • Pre-wired and includes 5/16” ring terminal connections for the battery.
  • Post terminals protected by a 60A circuit breaker for connecting a trolling motor, 120VAC inverter, etc. 
  • 30A circuit breaker on 12V socket. 
  • Voltage meter that can be turned off to save battery life.
  • Easily accessible wiring for additional modification
  • Suitable for home, industrial, commercial use, etc.
  • Assembled in USA, Enclosure made in USA.
  • Enclosure built for rugged environments with an impact resistance down to -20°F, and unaffected by acid, gas, oil, as well as, UV exposure.
  • Limits battery movement and protects against accidental shorting of battery terminals, as well as, collects battery acid and allows adequate ventilation.


  • Enclosure internal dimensions: 14.0" L x 7.1" W x 9.6" H
  • Enclosure external dimensions: 17.6" L x 10.0" W x 10.7" H