Concrete Rebar Cage with Bolts for our Tilting and Stationary Wind Turbine Base

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This rebar cage is designed to set in a concrete foundation, 2' x 2' x 1' Depth. When the concrete is cured, the bolts can be used to mount any of our tilt or stationary wind turbine bases. It has adjustable legs to fine tune the level of the bolts. 

This is helpful to not have to measure where the bolts need to go while the concrete is curing. It's also a more secure way to mount your turbine compared to anchors that are installed in a hole in the concrete. 

A 1" conduit elbow, along with the mount (as shown in the photos) are included. Made in USA. 

As always, all of our hardware is the best quality available grade 8 hardened steel. This cage has (4) Grade 8 1/2" bolts. 

Cutting Edge Power is not liable for any property damage or personal injury caused by the use or misuse of any of our products. Always wear a hard hat and eye protection when working around a wind turbine. 

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