Housing/Body Only Cyclone Portable Swivel Wind Turbine Generator Windmill, Small and Portable, for RV, Camping, Tailgating

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This is a highly engineered premium wind turbine housing built with high quality parts.  Assembled in the USA, many of the components are domestic.


  • Automatic wiring slip ring so you don't have to worry about tangled wires.  All wiring from generator connection to 12V or USB output is included.  No additional wiring is needed.
  • Heavy duty Zinc-plated steel ball bearing for yaw movement, allows the turbine to adjust to any wind direction in a downwind configuration.
  • Built-in diode to prevent backfeed from battery.
  • Gaskets and stainless steel hardware.



  • Rotor Type: Horizontal axis
  • IP-65 dust and water proof.
  • Yaw Axis (wind direction): 360 degrees
  • Wind Configuration: Downwind.
  • Mount Hole Inside Diameter: 1.06"
  • Suggested Mount Tube:
    • 3/4" PVC pipe (1.050" Actual outside diameter) schedule 40 or 80
    • 3/4" steel pipe (1.050" Actual outside diameter) schedule 40
  • Power Output:
    • 0-36DVC open circuit voltage.
    • USB, standard 5VDC 2A for USB charging phones, tablets, etc.  Using the latest USB identification circuit, the USB output is perfectly compatible with Iphones, Android phones, Ipad, etc.
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 120°F
  • Housing Weight: 1 lb
  • Wire length: 9 feet.

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This item is the perfect opportunity for you to learn and gain experience with wind energy, one of the ways the world will be powered with in the future.  We are a firm believer in energy independence for everyone.  

This turbine housing is also an excellent topic for academic discussion.  Renewable energy and energy independence are the way of the future.