USB Output Mini Wind Turbine, Made in USA.

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This is a nice, premium product, built with a great performance generator, prewired, ready to unpack and use. The high performance blade is securely press fit on and locked with 2 set screws and the 3 blade has 3 set screws. Aerodynamic grooves on the blades create a thin turbulent boundary layer on the surface, which allows the blade to flow smoothly through the wind. Thick UV resistant housing and blade, tested in a real engineering wind tunnel. Different mounting types to suit your application. 


  • Includes a USB LED light.
  • Charges any device (cell phone, tablet, etc) like a normal USB wall charger.
  • Capable of fast charging
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • 12.5" Blade starts charging in as little as 6 mph.*


  • Rotor type: Horizontal axis
  • Flush mount: Mount to any wall or panel. (2) 1/8" holes.
  • Pipe/tube mount: Mount to a PVC or similar 3/4" pipe (Turbine mount hole inside diameter is 1.050").  A mounting clamp is supplied.
  • Perpendicular pipe/tube mount: Mount on a 1" to 1.25" diameter tube.  (Some examples would be on a bicycle, gardening poles, etc.)
  • Square mount: Includes special grooves to mount on 1/2", 3/4" or 1" square or rectangular tubing.  (Some examples would be on an apartment balcony, sign post, etc.)
  • Voltage output: Standard USB 5V
  • Amperage output: 0-2A (depending on wind speed)
  • Maximum Generator Output: 10 Watts (5V @ 2A)
  • Turbine Weight: Approximately 1 lb
  • Cut in wind speed: 
  •     High performance blade: Approximately 6 mph*
  •     3 Blade: Approximately 5 mph*
  • Operating temperature: -40°F to 120°F
  • Main chip on USB regulator made in USA.
  • Output overvoltage protection: 300W TVS blocking diode protects your USB device.
  • Using the latest USB identification circuit, the USB output is perfectly compatible with Iphones, Android phones, Ipad, etc.

Items included:

Wind turbine (Including body, generator and propeller/blade) plus a USB light.

Spare parts: 

This item is still eligible for a 30% tax credit. And it's the perfect opportunity for you to learn and experience with wind energy.One of the ways the world will be powered in the future. These wind turbines performance as well as a big turbine, obviously you won’t get as much power out of these, but they work excellent. You can learn about wind from this item.  It’s a good experiment.

Solar panels are also great, but they are limited to the sunlight, and they’re hard to move around, not as portable as the mini wind turbines. You can’t take a solar panel into a plane, but you won’t have that inconvenience with a mini turbine. Solar panels are also very fragile to try to travel with. Our minis are actually pretty rugged.

Our English/Spanish technical support is always here to help you!

Note: Due to our ongoing efforts to always offer free domestic shipping, THIS ITEM WILL ARRIVE IN SEPARATE SHIPMENTS.  The shipments may or may not arrive on the same day(s).  Please contact us if it has been over a week since you received one of the shipments and you are still missing parts.


*Charging data determined by actual test results in an engineering wind tunnel.  Your results may vary depending on wind velocity, wind direction and other factors.

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