Cutting Edge Power 33W Generator with Copper Windings

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This is a 33W generator with copper windings designed specifically for wind turbines.  Most DC motors are designed to spin at an RPM as high as possible, which means they can only generate power at a high RPM.  Since this is a generator, we have designed it to start producing 12 volts at 1020 RPM.



  • Output: 12+ Volts DC @ 1020 RPM
  • Shaft diameter: 0.196” (5mm)
  • Shaft length: 0.400” (10mm)
  • Generator diameter: 1.65” (42mm)
  • Generator total length (including shaft): 3.560” (90mm)
  • Generator weight: 10.8 oz
  • Voltage output: 0-36VDC (36V at 3050 RPM)
  • Maximum Generator Output: 33 watts



  • Optimized for wind turbine speeds (it requires significantly lower RPMs to generate power than most motors/generators)
  • Shaft has a flat spot for attaching the blade
  • Two 3/16” spade terminals for power connection
  • Includes separate blocking diode 

Click here to see the "15W and 33W Generator Manual"

This item is eligible for a 30% tax credit! And it's the perfect opportunity for you to learn and gain experience with wind energy, one of the ways the world will be powered with in the future.  We are a firm believer in energy independence for everyone.  

Our technical English/Spanish support is always here to help you! 

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Carolyn F.
United States United States
Quality part

The generator was heavier than I expected it to be but I have no prior hands on experience with wind turbines before purchasing this generator. I have not tested the generator out yet, but I hope to soon. Will update with more info soon.