33W Cyclone 12FT Twister Swivel Wind Turbine 12V USB output, Portable Generator

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The Twister Cyclone Turbine is designed to be ultra-portable and can collapse down to fit in the back seat of a car.  When deployed, the turbine can be easily raised up to 12 feet tall in a matter of minutes.  A simple and quick to assemble wind generator is extremely useful in all kinds of applications – from camping to tailgating, to natural disaster relief.  It’s available with a USB output to charge any phone, tablet, etc.


Here’s how it works:

The new Twister is able to thread onto any standard construction extension pole (like a paint roller extension, etc).   You can order it included in the kit or you can use your own.  If you order the kit, it also includes a guy wire ring as well as guy wires and stakes to stabilize the pole.    

 Being able to raise the turbine higher up allows you to get the maximum power out of your Cyclone wind turbine. Your tech friends will definitely be impressed.



  • Rotor Type: Horizontal axis
  • Yaw Axis (wind direction): 360 degrees
  • Configuration: Downwind
  • Power Output: - 0-36DVC open-circuit voltage. USB, standard 5VDC 2A for USB charging phones, tablets, etc.  Using the latest USB identification circuit, the USB output is perfectly compatible with iPhones, Android phones, Ipad, etc.
  • Maximum Generator Output:  33 watts  
  • Cut-in Wind Speed: Approximately 6 mph*
  • Survival Wind Speed: 45 mph
  • Operating Temperature: -40°F to 120°F
  • Turbine Weight: 3 lb 
  • Cable dimensions: 9 feet.
  • Pole thread: 3/4" ACME thread
  • Designed, assembled and quality checked in USA



  • Wind turbine
  • 5 Blades + hub kit
  • USB output cable with USB LED light.
  • 12V output cable.
  • Manual download link


    • Above items
    • Twist-lock telescoping pole, 4-8 Ft or 6-12 Ft
    • Guy wire ring
    • (3) Guy wires (high visibility reflective safety rope)
    • (3) Aluminum stakes

    *Charging data determined by actual test results in an engineering wind tunnel.  Your results may vary depending on wind velocity, wind direction, and other factors.

    33W Cyclone 12FT Twister Swivel Wind Turbine 12V USB output, Portable GeneratorOur technical English/Spanish support is always here to help you! 

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    33W Cyclone 12FT Twister Swivel Wind Turbine 12V USB output, Portable Generator