2000W CEP Fortress Waterproof MPPT Solar Generator Battery Box with Inverter, USB, 12V

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The Cutting Edge Power FORTRESS is ready to protect your equipment with its waterproof and vandal resistant design!  Perfect for permanent installations like trailers, boats, boat docks, etc.

Featuring a plug and play concept, the Fortress solar generator can be purchased with a battery, or you can use your own 12V battery.  With inverter options up to 2000W, this solar generator can provide some serious power.  All connections are made inside the box.  Cable entry/exit can be made through dedicated cutouts on all four sides so NO DRILLING IS REQUIRED.  Professionally wired in Houston, TX, all you need to do is connect the 5/16" battery ring terminals.

As with all waterproof electronic designs, heat can become an issue - Especially with a black box in the sun!  But Cutting Edge Power has you covered with a temperature controlled fan that will cool off the internal components without draining the battery.

This device can also be used with 4S 12.8V lithium iron phosphate LiFePO4 batteries.


  • Capable of handling up to 1,200W of solar panel MPPT charging (1200W @ 12V DC / 2400W @ 24V DC).
  • Pre-wired and ready to go: 5/16" ring battery terminals / MC4 Solar Panel connectors.  No crimping, splicing, extra wiring needed.
  • Cable entry/exit points on all four sides.
  • Padlock latch to lock the box closed
  • Built-in short-circuit protection, open-circuit protection, reverse polarity protection, and over-load protection.
  • 12V Socket with 30A circuit breaker.
  • Big LCD display with all adjustable parameters.
  • Perfect for marine, boat dock, trailer, or any long term outdoor application.
  • Premium marine grade 200°C rated silicone insulated wire.
  • Assembled in USA, Enclosure made in USA.
  • Enclosure built for rugged environments with an impact resistance down to -20°F, and unaffected by acid, gas, oil, as well as, UV exposure.


  • Maximum solar panel voltage input: 46VDC max for charging 24V battery, 23VDC max for charging 12V battery
  • Battery voltage (if equipped): 12V DC
  • Battery chemistry (if equipped): SLA Deep Cycle
  • Battery capacity (if equipped): 100Ah
  • Inverter voltage (if equipped): 110/120VAC
  • Charge controller working temperature: -31°F~140°F                
  • Enclosure internal dimensions: 
  • Enclosure external dimensions: 23.75"L x 12.50"W x 13.38"H

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