Made in USA 4 Port Solar Weatherproof Cable Wire Entry Gland

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Cutting Edge Power

4 Port Solar Weatherproof Cable Entry Gland for All Cable  0.1" to 0.2" 

Ideal for routing the cables while mounting solar panels on vehicles, boats, roofs, buildings, sheds, etc.


PG7 Waterproof cable gland used for all cable types 0.1" to 0.2" 

Suitable for most round cables for Solar Panel, DC power, Aerial, satellite, Air conditioning, Lighting, antennas, etc
Can be fixed with Glue (not included) Sikaflex 221 Sikaflex 252, 291, dicor sealant, alike or stainless steel self-tapping screws (not included) depending on position and sealing requirements.
Includes: one black box, 4 cable glands, 4 rubber seals.

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