Mini UPS Battery Backup with 12V and USB Output 75Wh (20,500mAh)

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Say goodbye to connection problems every time the power goes out! Now more than ever, power interruptions can really confuse our smart homes, especially if we have multiple smart home platforms.

Our Cutting Edge Power Mini UPS is designed specifically for WiFi Routers, smart home hubs, security cameras, modems and other 12V and USB devices. 

UPS Stands for Uninterrupted Power Supply. This device powers your small equipment with a Cutting Edge Power internal Lithium battery. The battery is maintained with the included wall charger. If the wall charger loses power, your devices remain powered for the full battery cycle. 


  • Cutting Edge Power Lithium battery capacity guaranteed and quality checked in USA. 
  • The Mini UPS produces 100% clean DC power directly from the battery.  The dedicated uninterrupted 12V and USB supply is immune to noise and rough sine wave modification problems that occur with traditional 120V UPS backups.  
  • Includes overcharge, overdischarge, overload and short circuit protection. 

With Optional Accessories:

  • Optional a 5A power supply to keep the battery charged.
  • 5.5mm x 2.1mm wiring shown, to connect up to (4) 12V devices.


  • Battery capacity: 75Wh (6Ah @ 12V / 20.5Ah @ 3.6V)
  • Maximum continuous output: 5A (60W)
  • Run time at 60W with battery fully charged: 1 hour+
  • Run time at 36W with battery fully charged: 2 hours+
  • Run time at 10W with battery fully charged: 6 hours+
  • Dimensions: 3-3/4" x 5" x 1-1/16"
  • Not suitable for solar charging
  • Weight: 1 lb