Mobile Power Boss Portable Solar Panel Frame kit with Wheels and Solar Panels

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Maximum power and maximum versatility is what the Mobile Power Boss is all about! 



The Mobile Power Boss can be equipped with up to 3,000W of solar panels and up to 60kWh of battery storage.

This product is designed to provide a mobile structure for mounting either solar panels or wind turbines to generate power for an off grid or on grid renewable energy solution.  

Perfect for off-site events, first responders, and supplemental residential and business power. 

Designed for customization: Add the Power Boss, solar panels, solar generator and accessories to your cart and we’ll make it fit!


Galvanized all steel structure 

Assembled with only a few hand tools, no sawing or drilling 

Ground mount system 

Adjustable left and right center rails accommodate various sizes of solar panels 

Front mounts are adjustable up and down to adjust the tilt of the solar panels for different seasons 

Large 8" steel castor wheels allow the structure to be easily moved or rotated 360 degrees 

Can be expanded by combining additional structures 

Can be installed on an uneven surface 

Plug and play capable for Cutting Edge Power solar generators 



NO ROOF PENETRATION - Safer and cheaper than traditional roof mount systems 

Accommodates any size solar panels 

Provides easy access to solar panels for cleaning, snow removal, and maintenance 

Easily adjusted for optimum solar collection, and it can be disassembled and relocated 

Maximize your solar investment with this all steel structure 



What’s included?

  • Qty (14) 10ft strut channels
  • Qty (4) 8ft vertical pipes
  • Qty (2) 10ft vertical pipes
  • Qty (4) steel brackets
  • Qty (4) post caps
  • Qty (28) pipe straps
  • Qty (16) U-bolts
  • Assembly instructions

With wheel kit:

  • All components above
  • Qty (4) wheel assemblies


With solar panels kit:

  • All components above
  • Qty (10) 100W solar panels (1,000W total)



Product Height         Approximately 112" with 8' corner posts 

Product Width          120" 

Product Length         120" 

Product Weight        approximately 610 pounds with 12 100w solar panels 

Shipping Weight      approximately 625 pounds 






We guarantee this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of purchase. Limitations apply.