Scout Solar Generator: Portable Off-grid, Customizable and expandable up to 5000W output & 9.6kWh battery capacity


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An introduction to solar generators and Cutting Edge Power:

Solar generators are an excellent investment for hurricane / natural disaster preparation, backup power for your home, camping, tailgating, medical devices, refrigerators, air conditioners, construction equipment and tools, CPAP machines and more.  Future maintenance of Cutting Edge Power products is easy with simple hand tools and off-the-shelf parts, unlike some solar generators that are worthless if one component fails.  Designed in America and professionally wired in Houston, TX so you can rest assured you’ll have the best performing solar generator available. 

Featuring our new high performance solar charge controllers, these solar generators can be used with virtually any battery on earth.  Installing your own batteries is super easy: Just connect the supplied 5/16” ring terminal wires to your battery’s posts. 

Cutting Edge Power lithium battery packs are welded, assembled and tested in Houston, TX.  Even better, our lithium batteries are factory-installed when purchased with a solar generator.  Our lithium batteries provide about +450% lifetime and +100% run time over traditional lead acid batteries.  Plus, they’re about half the size.

CEP300 Charge Controller

This solar generator features our CEP300 charge controller.  The CEP300 is our most popular solar charge controller and features a high input 450W of solar capability as well as 55V maximum solar panel VOC.  If you need more power input or a higher VOC, you may be interested in upgrading to our CEP440 MPPT solar charge controller.

The CEP300 features plenty of adjustable settings as well as a Large Back-lit LCD display which shows system status, solar input current, solar input voltage, battery voltage, and battery state of charge (%).

Remote Wifi monitoring can be easily added with Cutting Edge Power’s Smart Tech Power Meter.


CEP300 Manual

More about our lithium batteries



Cutting Edge Power's wind and solar lithium-ion battery modules are the best way to pack more power and run time into a smaller space.*  Leveraging the amazing performance of our lithium cells and the resulting smaller footprint, our battery modules provide up to +450% lifetime and +100% run time over traditional batteries!

#1: SAFE.

The cells are imported from the most reputable cell manufacturers in the world that also supply Tesla and other high performance companies.  Cells are arranged in plastic holders.  These plastic holders are a custom in-house design and they're made in our shop.  The cells are then welded together using a special machine designed and built by Cutting Edge Power!  The plastic holders are then assembled and mounted inside your solar generator.  All of this is done in Houston, TX.  

Each cell array is continuously monitored by redundant Battery Management Systems (BMS), not just one like most battery manufacturers.  If one module were to go out, you would still have the remaining modules in operation.  The multiple BMS systems protect all cells against overcharging, overdischarging, as well as overcurrent.  They also equalize all the cell voltages and keep the pack running cool.



Our lithium battery modules will be factory installed in any Cutting Edge Power solar generator when purchased together.  Adding a lithium batteries to an existing Cutting Edge Power solar generator is as easy as ordering a pizza with our custom drop downs.  

We call them modules, because our entire solar generator product line is modular.  We understand sometimes you need testing before you know how many batteries you need.  More battery modules can easily be added later and it only takes about 5 minutes.

We don’t believe in proprietary connectors or special permanent installations.  No other connection or additional assembly on your part is required!  Terminals on our battery modules allow you to quickly and easily replace old batteries.  You can even replace our batteries with a different type or manufacturer!

*Why are they so small, what’s the catch?

Our battery cells were pioneered by the auto industry so they have a high energy density in order to keep cars lightweight and extend their range. This means a smaller battery pack can have up to 2x the run time as a standard SLA battery.  Combining the small size and higher energy density, our batteries will maximize your run time in a compact solar generator!

DIYers love our lithium batteries for the small footprint, cool operating temperatures and high energy density!


Only our lithium batteries provide about +450% lifetime and +100% run time over traditional lead acid batteries.  Plus, they can do this in about half the size!

Compared with traditional batteries, Cutting Edge Power lithium ion batteries have a higher run time, higher cycle lifetime, better power density and charge faster.  They also weigh less than LiFePO4 and a single module can even provide a higher discharge rate than multiple SLA or LiFePO4 batteries! In wind and solar applications, our lithium batteries have proven to be superior against lead acid, NiCd, AND lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.


Lithium batteries


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SCOUT SYSTEM REVIEW JULY 2022 SYSTEM CONFIGURATION: SCOUT with two charge controllers (CEP400) 2000 Watt Pure Sine Inverter AGM Batteries Black & Decker 25amp AGM Charger 8-100 Watt Solar Panels (800 watts) TESTS RUN: 1) Power consumption with each AGM battery and full size Refrigerator (4 hours each); 2) 300 Watts of Solar Panels with two AGM batteries; 3) Power consumption w/2 AGM Batteries (3300 Watt Hours) and Refrigerator (11 hours) 4) Test Battery Charger after test #3 All of these tests indicated fully satisfactory performance! (details provide below), the only other test would be a long term test – which may be provided subject to usage. Evaluation of System Fabrication: a) The Scout Housing is advertised to take two 12V 1200 Watt Hour batteries; both CEP’s 400 were installed inside the Scout Housing, thereby leaving room for only one battery. This was not disclosed is the offering and may be an issue for some customers. Adding additional batteries is not an issue, however the external batteries do impede mobility. My Scout has a permanent home in the finished part of my garage which is next to refrigerator just inside the kitchen, thus only requiring a ten foot cord (10 or 12 ga. have both worked fine).; b) The wiring was first class with the quality and gauge of wire in the offerings.; c) The CEP 400’ are not easily read being inside the housing, however the blue tooth works well enough to set up and monitor the charge controllers. The CEP’s Bluetooth does not provide power consumption from the batteries, but does provide solar panel power input and voltage levels continuously for up to 14 days of operation. d) The two charge controllers consume about 50 watts per day and cannot be turned off unless the negative lead on the primary battery is removed. Hence the alternative to periodic charging is leaving the charger on with a Float Charge at all times when the system is not being operated. e) The 2000 Watt Full Sine Invertor is rated at 90% efficiency to output 120 volts AC. If one is planning a full time operation of the Solar Generator, a 96% or better Invertor should be considered, as well as use of Lithium Batteries; the AGM’s can be discharged to 20% although this would shorten the number of cycles available. f) The Black and Decker Charge leads to the battery get extremely warm when charging at or near the 25 amps. The 120 V lead is of sufficient gauge that this lead is not warm when the unit is operating. Benefits of a Modular Solar Generator: 1) Customization is possible over prepackaged solar generators available on the market. 2) The most likely components in need of replacement are the batteries which are simply removed via disconnecting the terminals from the old battery and reconnecting to the new battery. OVERALL PERFORMANCE: a) Testing 300 Watts of Solar Panels for one full day with an eyeball adjustment to the angle of the sun produced 80% efficiency (995 Watts input per the Charge Controller Bluetooth readout). b) Running the Full Size Refrigerator rated at 5 amps for 110 volts for 11 hours created a Depth of Discharge of 30% per the Bluetooth readout (for 3350 Watt Hours available computes to 1005 watt hours or 91.6 watts per hour consumed which was forecast based on a 3 hour run with a 240 Watt Hour portable solar generator). c) Two major considerations in sizing this system include: 1) The shortest day of the year for your zip code – readily available online/Google. In my case that is in December and the shortest day is about 10 hours. 2) Total power consumption expected in worst case scenarios – poor solar panel sunny day and expected peak power demand of your Load – in my case the 2200 watts/day under ideal conditions would be increased by the lack of Air Conditioning as well as less than ideal sunny days. In the above example there would be 1150 watt hours available less the 20% reserve of 670 watt hours required, thereby leaving a battery reserve of 480 watt hours. A judgement call is up to the system designer how much reserve to add via more batteries and or solar panels. Suggest Reference: AGM Battery State of Charge – which addresses how to evaluate State of Charge (SOC) for AGM batteries independent of having a SOC device/tool. PS: If you are not comfortable hooking up terminals to batteries or reviewing available guidance on how to set up your system - you might consider the All-In-One units which require little system design and analysis

Kindle C.
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Power on the go

Ordered without an inverter as I already had one. It is very easy to install and use.

Cutting Edge Power CEP Scout Solar Generator, Efficient and Portable Off-grid Solar Generator Battery Box, Perfect for Camping, Emergencies, Events ReviewCutting Edge Power CEP Scout Solar Generator, Efficient and Portable Off-grid Solar Generator Battery Box, Perfect for Camping, Emergencies, Events Review