Solar Hybrid Switch - on and off grid switch for any solar panel, made in USA by Cutting Edge Power

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The Cutting Edge Power Solar Hybrid Switch is exactly what you need to use your existing grid-tied solar panels with any of our PowerHouse Solar Generators!

How does it work?

  • Simple: plug your solar panel into the Solar Hybrid Switch, plug your existing microinverter to the output, and plug your Cutting Edge Power Solar Generator to the other output (Solar panel extensions may be needed to bring the wires down to your solar generator)
  • Doesn't disrupt existing wiring: no crimping or splicing needed!
  • Weatherproof and designed for 24/7 use

Note: Cutting Edge Power is not responsible for the redirection of power from your utility to your solar generator.  There is no way for Cutting Edge Power to know if this is allowed in the contract you have signed with your solar grid tie contractor.  Although this device is plug and play, Cutting Edge Power is not responsible for any miswiring performed that could affect your grid tied solar system's operation.