Smart Tech Power Meter 3.0: WIFI Monitoring for Solar generators, batteries, solar panels and wind turbines, 100V DC / 400A Max

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Introducing the new and improved Cutting Edge Power Smart Tech Power meter 3.0! 

The Smart Tech Power Meter 3.0 is a professional WIFI power meter designed specifically for solar generators.  It can be added to a Cutting Edge Power solar generator (and we will install it at the factory), or to your own DIY solar generator.  The power meter includes a centralized “brain” box, with 4 sensor wire sets: Solar input voltage, solar input current, battery voltage and output current.  Our Smart Tech Power Meter is the only WIFI power meter of its kind, and enables you to check on your solar generator from anywhere in the world.  If you want to know the complete status of your solar generator in one glance, this is exactly what you need!

Find the app in the Google Play store or Apple store:


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  • WIFI (not Bluetooth!) means a professional way for you to access real-time and historical data from anywhere in the world (as long as the power meter has WIFI internet access).    
  • Designed in USA with a simple yet detailed interface in plain English!
  • Includes 4 sensors: Solar input voltage, solar input current, battery voltage and output current.
  • Calculated measurements include: Solar input power, DC output power, Battery state of charge (%), remaining battery Wh*, and run time* hours based on current demand.
  • Also compatible with wind turbines!
  • Very easy to install: Inductive current sensors don’t require wiring modifications.
  • Free Android / IOS app includes detailed graphs showing the history of all measurements and calculations.

Updates from previous generation:

  • More sensors and calculations
  • Improved accuracy
  • Increased sensor range and maximums
  • Improved app user interface
  • Previous versions still compatible with Cutting Edge Power App


Battery voltage range:

0-100V DC

Solar/Wind Turbine input voltage range: 

0-100V DC

Solar/Wind Turbine input current range:


DC Output range (Ex: 12V to 120V Inverter):


Voltage Accuracy: 


Current Accuracy: 


WiFi Requirement:

Standard 2.4Ghz, internet access, 150 feet


0.5 lb

Operating Temperature: 

-40°F to 140°F (-40°C to 60°C)

Sensor wire set lengths:

6FT each

Country of Origin:

App and power meter designed and assembled in USA


1 year

*Calculations marked with a “*” require Cutting Edge Power lithium batteries.  All other measurements and calculations work with all battery types.