Cutting Edge Power V2H (Vehicle to Home) kit to power your home with your EV's battery pack

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We’ve all had the idea or seen the news article about powering your home with your EV’s exceptionally powerful battery pack.  With Cutting Edge Power’s V2H kit (or V2X kit), you can dive into the world of renewable energy the smart way and be one of the first to experience the future of energy independence!

The application – check to see if you qualify for this product:

  • Your EV was a significant investment, and it has a very large battery pack that sits idle most of the time.
  • You have rooftop solar panels that send power back to the grid, but when the grid is down, you can't use the solar power.
  • You don't want to modify your EV or home in an unsafe way.  But you want to use your EV’s battery to power your home and (optionally) you want to charge the EV with solar power to make the system sustainable indefinitely.

If the above points describe your scenario, the CEP V2H kit is perfect for you!

How does the Cutting Edge Power V2H work?

The CEP V2H is an all-inclusive system that doesn't require additional products or parts except solar panels.  

Vehicle prep and operation:

  • Your EV has a 12V battery.  The supplied wiring harness is installed on the 12V battery.  This is a 5-minute task and doesn't require special tools or high voltages.  It's a bit like changing the 12V battery in a traditional vehicle.

The supplied cables are connected to the CEP V2H Main Unit and you can leave the EV’s access door (hood, frunk, rear hatch, etc) open.  Or, the cables can be routed out of the vehicle – This may vary depending on your EV make and model.  Connect the cable(s) from the EV to the CEP V2H Main Unit.

  • The CEP V2H Main Unit is now energized and can provide up to 1500W of power to your home, or to the Main Unit’s 120V built-in receptacles.  Make sure to turn on the EV and leave it in the “on” state.  This allows the EV’s main battery to charge the 12V battery.  The CEP V2H is designed to only be used when the EV is on.  Turning the EV off will not create an unsafe condition, but it could leave you stranded if the 12V battery dies.

Home prep and operation:

  • If you’ve ever plugged a gas generator into your home, you may already have a generator transfer switch.  In this case, you can simply plug the CEP V2H Main Unit into the generator transfer switch.   


If you don’t have a generator transfer switch, you can order one from us or your local hardware store.  Installing a generator transfer switch in a home is a very common job and can be done by a hired electrician or even an adept DIYer.


  • The Hybrid Solar Switches are plug and play installed on each solar panel.  Power from the solar panel goes into the Hybrid Solar Switch, and then is routed to either your existing grid tie system, or directly into the CEP V2H Main Unit.  Switching is done manually.
  • When the sun comes back out, you can simply connect the supplied EV charger into your vehicle and charge the vehicle with solar power.
  • Note: If you prefer, you can completely bypass the solar function of this package and charge your EV with grid power or at a charging station.


Maximum continuous output power (EV battery only):


Maximum surge output power (EV battery only):


Output power inverter type:

240V AC Split phase pure sine (Typical 240V for most North American homes)

Maximum output power (EV battery + solar):


EV charging voltage:

240V AC

Maximum EV charging speed:

2,800W (12A @ 240V)

Maximum solar input:


Minimum solar input:

N/A – can be used without solar, but EV charging requires solar input

Typical run time @ 1,500W (2019 Nissan Leaf 40kWh battery pack only, no solar):

24+ hours

EV charger connector:

J1772 (may require adapter for Tesla)


3 years